Martin Denning

Portrait by Vincent Conway

Hi,Thanks for dropping in. The site has been down for maintenance and I have been very slow about rebuilding it. Sorry about that friends & neighbours. However I'm back in action once more & let's hope I get to complete it this time before my butterfly mind takes me off somewhere else. Originally I had a biography on this site plus a load of song words, including my "Song for a Spanish Lady" but since a good number of people around the city of Dublin are singing it regularly, I won't have to put it up again. Someone please record it & make me some money for a change. The Folk band Slide, have recorded a lovely version of my song "The Bird" & have been performing it all over the world. Best Wishes from me lads, keep 'er lit as they say.That's on their last album entitled Mendicity, do buy it.

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‚ÄčThe Author J.Powell Ogden has incorporated the lyrics of " The Bird" into her 2nd Novel in the "Playlist" Trilogy. She heard Slide perform it at a festival & figured it would fit right in there. For your information the titles of the first 2 novels are: The Guardian's Playlist & The Devil's Playlist.